The Single-Parent Project

Research shows that unmarried single-parent mothers are at a high risk for poverty.   The effects of poverty on children can be devastating, reducing the quality of life throughout the lifespan.  This project will focus on providing respite child care for mothers pursuing education and on parenting and relationship skills to enhance the mother/child bond.  

Read the entire white paper on the need for a focus on aiding single-parent mothers.

Statement of the Problem

  1. Unmarried single-parent mothers are at high risk for poverty and reduced possibility of establishing a stable on-going partnered relationship
  2. Children in unmarried female-headed single-parent families have greater risks of cognitive and developmental delays
  3. Parenting in unmarred single-parent families lacks consistency and tend to be harsh and lacking in support
  4. Mothers are stressed and depressed which affects the child’s development
  5. Mothers in unmarried single-parent families tend to have low educational status
  6. Mothers in unmarried single-parent families have limited skills for adequate employment
  7. Mothers in unmarried single-parent families lack knowledge of healthy living, including nutritional needs, health, and safety for children

Intervention Proposal

  • Improve educational level – Provide childcare services for mothers for educational training or work.
  • Provide a stipend to aid in educational expenses.
  • Provide guidance in acquiring non-intrusive parenting skills through modeling of play, reading storybooks and interaction with the child.
  • Provide material on parenting and child development millstones to mothers.
  • Link with university or community college child development programs to set up internships in which students could provide the main interaction with mothers and their children and receive course credit.
  • Provide support for daily healthy living.


We could use your support.  Please consider making a contribution to IDEALS to help this project succeed.

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